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Long Term Rentals

This is an example of one of our long term rentals. We renovate all of our properties in order to provide a property that our residents are proud to call home. 

This house pictured was unique because it is located in an opportunity zone and we had capital gains that we were able to roll into it.  We are able to defer those gains until 2026 and we will get a discounted rate applied to those gains. However, that's not the best part...once we hold this property for 10 years we will not have to pay any capital gains when we sell this asset and we don't have to recapture our depreciation that we wrote off over the years.

Fix n' Flips

It is a true passion to make the ugly duckling property into a beautiful swan of the block. We have flipped homes all over Southeast Florida from Coral Gables, Miami, Fort Lauderdale to Jensen Beach and Port St. Lucie.  This house pictured is a property we acquired through a foreclosure auction in Connecticut.  This property had a guest house and I was able to live in the guest house while managing the renovation from start to finish. I also became a Real Estate Broker in Connecticut during this time so I would be able to conduct my own transactions in that area. 

Short Term Rentals​

We started investing in STR properties in 2016. Each property we have owned is extremely unique and attracted guests from all over the world. We have hosted corporate events, small weddings, baby showers and multiple family reunions.  STR portfolio consisted of homes in Florida, Connecticut & Vermont. Currently, we have one STR in Jensen Beach (the house pictured) and in the first 30 days our bookings cover 63% of our annual operating expenses. Here is the link to it:

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